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With years of experience in the installation of industrial resin flooring, we work with a wide variety of industries in Sussex to provide hygienic, anti slip floors that are durable and cost-effective. Our skilled contractors work with businesses across the south to install commercial resin flooring that lasts, from restaurants and breweries to aircraft hangars and warehouses. Our team of resin flooring contractors work with the following sectors:


The aerospace sector has specific flooring needs to protect planes and helicopters, as well as keeping the area safe for workers when maintenance is being carried out. Our commercial flooring contractors can install poured resin flooring for aerospace businesses in Sussex, as well as anti slip flooring that will keep staff safe, withstand thermal shock and support larger vehicles.


We install high performance workshop flooring for automotive businesses in Sussex and the surrounding area that provides a durable foundation. Whether you’re in need of a low maintenance floor that can withstand chemicals and heavy equipment, or you’re looking for car showroom flooring that provides a strong environment for multiple heavy vehicles, we can deliver a solution that provides technical and aesthetic qualities you can be proud of.


Non-porous, hard-wearing and resistant to damage and heavy equipment, our commercial resin floors are ideally suited to breweries and microbrewery businesses. Our brewery flooring is long-lasting and hygienic, as well as being capable of coping with steam and intense heat. From polyurethane floors to resin flooring screeds, they can be used in vineyards or as winery flooring – whatever your business needs.

Care Homes

Keep staff and residents as safe as possible with our anti slip poured resin flooring. Hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and durable, our care home flooring for premises across Sussex, from Southwick and Lancing to Haywards Heath, is ideally suited to areas where vulnerability and safety is of paramount importance.

Commercial Businesses

Businesses in Sussex can take advantage of safer, more hygienic commercial flooring, whether you’re in need of chemical-resistance floors, anti slip or food grade flooring. Resin screeds are ideal flooring for commercial kitchens to keep workers safe in an area where spillages, steam and heavy equipment are all an issue.

Food and Drink Industries

Food grade flooring needs to comply with health and safety regulations, remain hygienic and easy to clean, and be safe in the event of spillages. Our industry flooring contractors understand the requirements of this sector and provide heavy-duty screeds to deliver a slip resistant finish that’s safe, whether you’re in need of catering flooring, floors for restaurants or cafes, or farm shops.

Dairy Industry

The dairy industry is subject to strict health and safety guidelines. Dairy flooring needs to be resistant to chemical cleaners to maintain hygienic standards. Our polyurethane resin flooring delivers slip resistance and durability, as well as impact resistance to cope with heavy equipment.


Industrial flooring is designed to meet the demands of Sussex businesses, from Crawley warehouses to storage units in Brighton. Slip and impact-resistant, as well as easy to clean and withstand heavy equipment and machinery, our poured resin floors will ensure your business complies with the necessary health and safety regulations.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Hygiene and safety are of paramount importance in hospitals and healthcare settings. Our seamless, non-slip hospital flooring is ideally suited to this environment, helping hospitals and healthcare facilities in Sussex to maintain hygienic standards and reducing areas where bacteria and microbial growth can thrive to keep patients as safe as possible.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Laboratories of all kinds require durable, slip-resistant flooring that can withstand chemicals, machinery and equipment, and keep staff safe from the risk of injury. Our flooring solutions remain free from bacteria to minimise cross-contamination and can be cleaned easily to keep the area sterile.


School flooring spans a broad range of requirements, from classrooms and halls to toilets and kitchens. Sussex schools can make the most of our poured resin flooring solutions that maintain a slip-resistant surface. They can be cleaned easily to keep the space hygienic for students and staff, and to adhere to safety legislation by minimising trip hazards.

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