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The automotive sector demands durability, strong chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as the need for low maintenance. In addition to boasted great technical properties and aesthetic qualities, epoxy and resin flooring solutions are ideal for this environment, whether it’s workshops, production spaces and garages or showrooms and loading areas.

These types of flooring are seamless so they are perfect for areas where chemicals or oils might be spilt, as they are easier to clean. These spillages are common in the automotive sector, but they pose a serious health and safety risk, so it’s vital that the floor is easy to maintain. We provide flooring solutions that are not only easy to keep clean but will stand the test of time.

Automotive chemicals are also a threat to unprotected surfaces and certain coatings, so it’s important that the right flooring is chosen to ensure longevity and durability. Epoxy and resin floors are impervious to chemicals so they will remain hygienic and undamaged for years of continued use.

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Floors in the automotive sector have to consistently deliver a safe and hardwearing surface that can cope with intense physical impacts, such as from dropped tools and heavy vehicles, as well as point loading from cars or equipment and continual foot traffic.

Our resin and epoxy coatings are perfectly suited to the demands of the automotive industry, providing a non-slip and grease-proof surface that is protected against chemicals and corrosive fluids. We can also provide screeds for more traction and grip where spillages are more likely or for sloped areas where you need to keep people safe from accidents.

Our experienced team can design a floor that perfectly matches the requirements of this industry, from enhanced traction to prevent accidents and slipping, to highlighting hazardous areas to protect staff and customers. Resin flooring has excellent chemical-resistance to resist oils, hydraulic fluids and lubricants, and is a durable material that not only delivers a safe and effective work environment, but it also provides aesthetic appeal.

Automotive Flooring Aesthetic Properties

The automotive sector is busy and is subject to a lot of foot traffic, with vehicles being brought in regularly, so it’s vital that the floor for these environments is durable and has a good life expectancy. Resin and epoxy floors have great abrasion resistance and will continue to not only function well but will look great for longer. Our floors come in a range of colours and finishes, from matte and gloss to aggregates and flakes for decorative results. What’s more, our resin flooring is seamless which means it’s not only more hygienic and easier to maintain, but it also provides a cohesive look.

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Our experienced team understand the unique requirements of the automotive industry, so we can help you in designing a floor that can cope with the specific demands of this sector. With the right materials and expert installation, your floor will stand up to the demands of this busy environment for years to come. We will discuss your requirements with you and assess the area before designing a solution that works for your business. We only work with reliable and trusted manufacturers to ensure that the finish is to the highest standard possible.

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