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Our Latest Projects

CHC Helicopters – Hanger Flooring

CHC provides helicopters to various organisations that need to get to hard-to-reach places anywhere in the world. Once again, we were brought in to make a high-quality aerospace hanger floor. Just like the Bristow project, quality and workmanship were key and we delivered exactly what was required.

Bristow Helicopters – Hanger Flooring

Bristow Search and Rescue provide 999 helicopter SAR service to the Coastguard in the UK. Their helicopters are an essential part of the UK’s emergency services. We had the pleasure of installing a brand new hanger floor at one of the Bristow bases. It is absolutely critical flooring for this type of hanger is perfect. Part of the requirement for hanger flooring is not only a solid, reliable, and level surface. But one that is resistant to heat and chemical spills including fuel. It also needs to be easy to keep clean and have appropriate high friction areas where needed.

Gatwick Airport – Hanger Flooring

Gatwick is a major international airport as anyone in the UK knows. The range of service buildings and public areas is huge. Being based near the site we were very pleased to be called upon to install a new floor in one of these buildings. Working in any aerospace environment means working to very highs standards and this is something our team do very well.