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Commercial Anti-slip Flooring

Commercial Anti-slip Flooring Products

IFL UK specialises in supplying and installing anti-slip flooring at commercial and industrial premises across the UK. Anti-slip, or non-slip flooring is ideal in areas that are prone to high traffic, need regular mopping and cleaning or where spillages can occur, such as shop floors and workshops as well as kitchens and bathrooms.

These sorts of high wear areas require flooring that can handle heavy traffic but that also offers a low friction surface to prevent slips and injury – that is why IFL UK offers a range of anti-slip flooring solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Non-slip flooring is a critical part of health and safety for a wide range of sectors from commercial kitchens to labs, food production factories, and more.

The Workplace Heath, Safety and Welfare Regulations act of 1992 requires floors to be suitable for the workplace and work activity. It also states people must be able to move around safely. So in many commercial environments anti-slip flooring is a legal requirement to make it safe.

Contact us for more details on the range of commercial non-slip and anti-slip flooring options that we have available. We can also help with advice on meeting the HSE standards and any questions you may have around commercial responsibility.

What is Non-Slip Flooring

Anti-slip flooring provides added grip through the use of an innovative clear, matte glaze that adds texture to the surface of the flooring. Alternatively, some slip-resistant brands use a concentration of inlaid particles which create friction between the foot and the floor.

As with regular flooring tiles or sheet flooring, it’s a durable solution that still looks great – the anti-slip coating doesn’t compromise the appearance of the floor in any way, so you get all the benefits without the look of the space being affected.

Slip Ratings

In order to determine the quality of the resistance to slipping each type of flooring provides, anti-slip flooring is usually assigned an R rating based on the ramp test method or a Pendulum Test Value (PTV).

The criteria for each of these methods vary but the outcome is the same – to test how effective the flooring is at providing grip and stability. In the home, tiles with a relatively low rating of R9 will typically be suitable for rooms where the floor may be prone to some spillages but is usually dry, whereas R10 or R11 can be chosen for rooms where water contamination is common, such as bathrooms or utility rooms. For commercial settings where the safety of employees and the public is of paramount importance, the recommended rating will depend on the surface contamination that may occur.

The Benefits of Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring can be extremely valuable to businesses across a wide range of industries. In any environment that water or liquids could spill and create a hazard that is difficult to see, non-slip flooring is ideal. Anti-slip floors reduce the likelihood of someone having an accident by providing better grip and more resistance underfoot.

From breweries and industrial premises to commercial shop floors, and even aerospace flooring, non-slip flooring can be an important addition. It can also be valuable to any business that sees a lot of footfall, and in areas such as hallways and entryways to kitchens and bathrooms, as these areas can quickly become dangerous.

There are lots of options in terms of colour and look for commercial and industrial anti-slip flooring so get in touch to find out more.

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