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Our expert commercial flooring contractors work with a wide variety of different businesses in the Somerset area, from those in the retail, aerospace and food industries to the manufacturing sector.

Aerospace Flooring

With the multiple demands for aerospace flooring being so high, our team are able to provide extensive support in choosing the right type of floor that’s suitable. Withstanding the pressures of heavy vehicles and corrosive materials, aerospace flooring needs to be both durable and non-absorbent.

Automotive Flooring

Automotive businesses in Somerset can rely on our industrial flooring contractors to provide a high standard of workmanship. With poured resin floors available that are both corrosion and impact-resistant, you can ensure our products can tolerate the heavy and tough vehicles and machinery present in the industry.


With both resin and polyurethane flooring available, breweries and wineries within the area can rely on our easy to maintain flooring solutions. With such strict health and safety guidelines to adhere to, our seamless floors are ideal for breweries – not only preventing bacterial growth but also being tough enough to handle the heat, weight and liquids in this environment.

Care Home Flooring

Somerset care home flooring needs to be both practical and functional, in order to keep both residents and staff safe. Whether the requirement be for the bedrooms, kitchens or throughout the entire home, our contractors can provide sanitary and hygienic resin flooring that’s not only easy to maintain, but looks good too.

Commercial Flooring

From commercial kitchen flooring to food-grade flooring, our contractors have the knowledge and skill to install the right flooring for your business. Both low-maintenance and hygienic, our poured resin floors are non-porous so that they can withstand the high demands of busy commercial industries.

Food and Drink Industry Flooring

The bars, restaurants and cafés of Somerset can choose from our range of food grade flooring that adheres to health and safety regulations. Both our resin and polyurethane floors provide a durable, low-maintenance flooring solution for your business, whether that be a food manufacturer or a high-street bakery.

Dairy Flooring

Hygiene is key in a sector such as this industry, with dairy flooring needing to be able to withstand the impact of heavy machinery and harsh sanitising processes on a day-to-day basis. Our durable and seamless flooring options can handle both the pressures and demands of this busy industry.

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