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From aerospace and manufacturing to healthcare and hospitality, our commercial flooring contractors work closely with a range of different businesses in Surrey.

Aerospace Flooring

Our industrial flooring contractors are ideally placed to meet the requirements of the ever-demanding aerospace sector in Surrey. We understand the importance of flooring that can not only cope with the pressure of heavy vehicles and potentially hazardous materials, but can also provide staff with a safe, anti-slip surface to work on, too.

Automotive Flooring

Automotive companies need to ensure they have flooring they can rely on – undertaking the demands of busy car showrooms and durable workshop floors. Our car showroom flooring is not only impact-resistant but shock-resistant too, ensuring it can support the heavy machinery and vehicles required within the sector. Our automotive flooring is also resistant to chemicals such as motor fluids and specialised cleaning materials.


Maintaining hygienic standards and requirements, breweries can benefit from poured resin floors that endure both heat and steam, all while preventing microbial growth. Our brewery flooring is both hardwearing and slip-resistant to ensure employees and visitors are kept safe, while being easy to keep clean from spillages and leaks, with a waterproof surface.

Care Home Flooring

In order to keep staff and residents safe, it is essential that the flooring in care homes provides a grip underfoot, to help prevent falls and trips from occurring. While health and safety are key, care home flooring also needs to be easily kept clean and tidy. Providing a hygienic flooring solution, our poured resin floors can be placed throughout the building to offer durability and easy maintenance. From kitchens and bathrooms to shared living and dining quarters, our flooring adds a visually pleasing finish to the space.

Commercial Business Flooring

Our resin flooring is ideal for commercial businesses within the area of Surrey, available to help companies find the flooring that’s most suitable for their specific needs. From catering flooring to food factory flooring, our expert contractors can provide non-slip and non-porous resin flooring, to not only keep staff safe but prevent bacterial growth too.

Food and Drink Industry Flooring

Surrey businesses within the food and drink sector need to ensure they adhere to the strict health and safety regulations that impact such a busy and demanding industry. Whether it be for distilleries, bakeries, cafes or bars, our contractors can provide the heavy-duty flooring required. Our low-maintenance, food-safe floors are able to prevent microbial growth from occurring, while enduring the impact of the heavy equipment and apparatus required. They’re seamless and non-slip to provide a safe environment for both staff and customers.

Dairy Industry Flooring

Our dairy flooring is able to withstand the substantial weight of both livestock and heavy machinery present on the premises of a farm. Working with Surrey businesses within the dairy industry, we are also able to provide a range of different flooring solutions – from polyurethane floors to poured resin floors, we have the experience and expertise to ensure you pick the right kind to suit your needs. As well as being hard-wearing, our flooring is tolerant to the regular contact it has with liquids and cleaning solutions, without causing damage.


Whether it be warehouse flooring or factory flooring, we work with a variety of different businesses in Surrey that require industrial flooring. As industrial flooring contractors, we can ensure your flooring meets the health and safety requirements and regulations necessary, as well as helping you find the right type to suit your business’s needs.

Hospitals and Healthcare Flooring

Hospital facilities require flooring that can be kept clean and hygienic, while withstanding the multiple demands of day-to-day life within the healthcare sector. Our poured resin flooring options are not only non-slip to protect staff and patient safety, but are also non-porous, ensuring they can tolerate the substantial quantity of chemical cleaners.

Pharmaceutical Industry Flooring

The crucial work carried out by the pharmaceutical industries in Surrey means that their working conditions and surroundings need to be kept safe for employees. Our resin floors not only provide grip for staff to minimise trips and falls but are also easy to clean and maintain. The non-porous surface area reduces the risk of cross-contamination, while preventing microbial growth from taking place and impacting testing.

School Flooring

Surrey schools can rely on our non-slip, easy to maintain poured resin floors. Ensuring both students and staff are kept safe while on the premises, our expert contractors can provide flooring for all education facilities, from classrooms and hallways to kitchens and toilets.

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