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As commercial flooring contractors, we have a wealth of experience in helping businesses in Croydon create safe, low maintenance work environments for their unique needs. From hygienic flooring to non-slip surfaces that enhance safety, we work with companies in all different sectors.

Aerospace Flooring

We’re well placed to assist Croydon aviation businesses with their unique flooring needs – this industry needs impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-slip flooring to keep workers safe. Resin and epoxy are ideal for aerospace flooring as they’re hardwearing and hygienic, suitable for everything from maintenance areas and control rooms to testing workshops.

Automotive Flooring

From vehicle repair workshops to car part manufacturers, Croydon automotive firms can benefit from high performance flooring that boasts excellent technical properties for this line of work. Our poured resin floors can be used as car showroom flooring to manufacturing spaces to deliver a tough surface for heavy vehicles and equipment and withstand knocks and impact from tools.


Croydon breweries require hardwearing, non-porous and hygienic flooring that is capable of tolerating liquids and intense heat or steam. From microbreweries to winery flooring, our commercial flooring contractors can help breweries find the right flooring material to suit their requirements, whether that’s resin, heavy-duty screeds or polyurethane floors.

Care Home Floors

Croydon care home residents and staff can be kept safe from slip hazards and hygiene risks with our options for care home flooring. Our hygienic flooring is easy to keep clean and is seamless to prevent bacteria and debris from building up, while also being non-slip for added protection against injury from trip hazards.

Commercial Businesses

Our resin flooring contractors provide commercial businesses with the ideal flooring for their needs, whether it’s for retail spaces, commercial kitchen flooring or factory flooring. Capable of withstanding heavy equipment, temperature changes and spillages as well as foot traffic and impact, commercial businesses can ensure their floors are fit for purpose.

Food and Drink Industries

Our food grade flooring options help businesses within the food and drink industry comply with health and safety regulations and ensure their premises are low maintenance. Restaurants, cafes and bars to food factory flooring, Croydon businesses can benefit from hygienic flooring that delivers a slip-resistant surface that can cope with impact, heavy equipment and shifts in temperature.

Dairy Industry Flooring

Our commercial flooring contractors work with businesses to provide dairy flooring that complies with strict health and safety guidelines and can tolerate heavy equipment, liquids and chemicals without degrading in quality. The seamless finish of our food factory flooring ensures there are no trip hazards to keep staff safe from unnecessary risks, while the durability of the material is ideal for providing impact-resistance.


Croydon’s industrial sites and warehouses store everything from heavy machinery and equipment to hazardous chemicals, which impacts the flooring used. Our industrial flooring contractors can advise the best materials to use to protect your commercial assets, whether that’s heavy-duty screeds or seamless poured resin industrial flooring to provide impact-resistance, slip-resistance and protection against potentially corrosive liquids.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Croydon health services need to be sure that their premises are as safe as possible for their patients. As resin flooring contractors, we’ve got a wealth of experience in providing hygienic hospital flooring that prevent bacterial growth and provide a safe environment to minimise slip hazards for staff, patients and visitors alike.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical businesses and laboratories can rely on low maintenance flooring that minimises the transfer of bacteria to test materials and keeps staff safe from trip hazards in the event of spillages. Our poured resin floors ca be cleaned with ease for a sterile environment and can tolerate heavy equipment and corrosive materials.

School Flooring

Schools of all sizes have specific flooring needs, with various environments to cater to. From halls that receive plenty of foot traffic to science classrooms that may come into contact with corrosive materials or kitchens and toilets that need to be easy to clean, our resin flooring contractors can provide expert assistance to help schools maintain a safe and hygienic space for students and staff.

Our team always works to the highest standard, installing floors that will stand the test of time and enhance your commercial premises in Croydon. Get in touch to find out more or to request a quote from our team.

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